The Land of


With the largest numbers of start-ups per capita in the world, Israel has earned the label of start-up nation. Immerse yourself in the powerhouse of entrepreneurship and innovation in a talk by a representative of Start-Up Nation before visiting some of Jerusalem’s thriving start-ups making wavelengths on the international stage. Head over to Machine Yehuda market for a tasting tour while taking in the intoxicating fusion of colors, scents, and sounds.


United Hatzalah is an Israeli, free volunteer-based emergency medical services organization based in Jerusalem. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze make up their 6,000 volunteers and come together to save countless lives. Using state-of-the-art GPS and phone app technology, United Hatzalah’s mission is to arrive on the scene and provide critical medical intervention in under three minutes. Visit the organizations’ headquarters, find out about their humanitarian services and how technology has played an integral role in preserving life.


Visit the Cyber Protection Unit of the IDF’s Telecommunications Division in Tel Aviv. Here, ‘Sim City’ was created to train cyber defense units to confront hacker-attacks and thwart any potential threats. Gain insight into the exclusive military course for young cadets at the Holtz School before letting loose and hitting the town to experience the very best of Tel Aviv’s renowned nightlife.


Explore the campus at Tel Aviv University, a hub of technology and innovation. Meet with representatives from one of Israel’s leading social start-ups and learn about the institutions’ international accelerator program providing entrepreneurs, immigrants, and returning citizens with the knowledge and facilities to build and develop their own start-ups. Head over to EdTech Israel, a national business hub that facilitates the networking of their community with international entrepreneurs and investors. Gain industry insight and find out what drives these inspired individuals to breed success on a global scale.


Head north to Haifa and visit one of Israel’s most promising start-ups making wavelengths on the international stage before getting an exclusive tour of a unique incubator for start-ups targeting the Arab market. Follow the meandering paths at the magnificent Bahai Gardens, one of Israel’s most awe-inspiring and popular attractions. These manicured gardens with kaleidoscopic flower beds trickle down 19 steep terraces to a transcendent domed shrine, the final resting of the prophet-herald of the Baha’i faith. Gain a nuanced understanding of the significance of the site and the diversity of cultures in the region. Finish your day with a tour of the Technion campus, Israel’s Institute of Technology.