No State has been given to us on a silver platter, If we do not make the most of this chance, we shall miss our rendezvous with HIstory” (Chaim Weizmann, December 1947).

No other country embodies the principle of a rendezvous with history better than Israel. How many times have you landed here and heard the words “you couldn’t have come at a more interesting  time” or “these are unprecedented times”. A place so unique, It matters not if it’s your first or tenth visit.

And so, following all that transpired over the past few months, October 7th, war, Iran and so much more, we’d like to invite you and your family  to join yet another exclusive, one of a kind trip, similar but not identical to the trip we curated for the Prince family, one which will allow you to breathe in sync  with the country you love so much. An experience  of unparalleled access to people, sites and experiences curated to ensure you won’t miss your rendezvous with history. This time around we decided to leave everything we know about Israel content behind and start with a clean slate so you can feel the country’s communal pulse, the strength of its resilience, the towering height of its spirit, the endless depth of its grief and the extraordinary heroism of its people as they continue to forge the “silver platter” which is never complete.

We can’t wait to see you in Israel
Asher Afriat