Wellness Israel

A 360-degree body, soul,consciousness experience

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let us take you on a rejuvenating body-soul journey against the backdrop of Israel’s most spectacular natural and urban landscapes. Whether you incorporate a single calming practice into your day or opt for a week-long spiritual retreat, your Israel experience will take on an entirely new flavor.

Wellness Israel experiences are thoughtfully curated for Israel Seminar by Laura Gilinski, wellness entrepreneur and founder of Yoga Synagogue Ah. We draw on yoga, meditation, sound healing, bibliotherapy, reflexology, naturopathy and other healing practices to create a multi-sensory experience enhanced by live meditative music; unique venues; and crystal, stone, and essential oil therapies.

Like prayer, Yoga Synagogue-Ah! is an experience of time, place, and movement, inclusive of all religions, gender, and binding demographics. Fluid and regular yoga sequences allow participants to set the mundane aside and concentrate on their personal movement and wellbeing. Each practice begins with a short discussion on a theme, presented by the instructor or subject matter expert, followed by deep breathing, flowing movement, and relaxing savasana.

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