Eat, See, Discover:
A Culinary Tour


Get a taste of Israel and start your day with the local’s breakfast favorite, Shakshuka. Fueled up and ready to sample the city, head to the vibrant Carmel Market and try the best epicurean delights served up in a melting pot of market chaos. From salty to sweet, family recipes hailing from all over the Middle East have been perfected and passed down through generations and served to hungry locals and tourists.


No culinary tour will be complete without experiencing the creamiest, most delicious hummus in Jaffa. Famous for their chickpea concoctions, it’s simple but a total flavor explosion. Scoop up a generous amount of homemade hummus with fluffy, fresh, hot pita and discover what all the hype is about. Continue onto the Levinsky market, guided by one of Israel’s top chefs and culinary experts, weave your way through the market, enjoying hidden foodie gems before hitting one of Tel Aviv’s most acclaimed restaurants for a fantastic dinner.


Travel up the beautiful coast to Netanya, the home of the savory fried brioche Tunisian sandwich known as “Frikase”, fluffy Kouskous with the perfect bite to soft ratio, and freshly fried “Brik” while gazing out at the tranquil waves of the Mediterranean. Head further north to the Galilee and meet an Israeli-Arab chef for a masterclass in the local cuisine before exploring the bustling alleys of the Nazareth Market.


The Galilee prides itself on combining traditional cheese-making techniques from Sardinia, Corsica, Tuscany, and Provence with their own unique conditions. Sample their tangy, sharp, and nutty cheeses at a boutique farm, paired with locally produced olive oil before sitting down for a traditional Christian Galilee meal. Take a moment to relax among the sweeping verdant vistas before turning up the tempo and riding RZR’s to the Syrian border for views of Kuneitra and Mt. Hermon. Wet your whistle at one of the Golan’s top wineries, sampling different blends and identifying rich undertones of the fine wines. Take your energetic buzz back to Jerusalem and indulge in a unique dining experience at one of the capital’s trendiest restaurants.


Embark on a culinary journey within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. As you stroll through the meandering ancient alleyways, get a taste of ancient tradition and history, listen to stories of the past and find out why food plays an important role in all three monotheistic faiths. Whet your palate with the gastronomical delights as you pass by holy sites before stepping into the chefs shoes and handcrafting kebabs in the Arab Bazar. Finish your day by following the mouthwatering aromas permeating the air and grab some of Jerusalem’s legendary challot for Shabbat.