Israel Family Adventure


Tel Aviv’s dazzling coastline boasts panoramic views of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. With awe-inspiring architecture flanking 14km of the picturesque promenade, get a feel and flavor for Israeli life, and start to soak up the electric atmosphere of the non-stop city.


The bustling Rothschild Boulevard is the beating heart of Tel Aviv. Walk down the shaded tree-lined paths and get a glimpse of the iconic Independence Hall, where the state was officially declared in 1948.


An ethereal place to get lost in the mysticism and wonder, Tzfat has been the center of Kabbalah since the 16th century and is one of Israel’s holiest cities. Explore the labyrinth of meandering alleys where you’ll find art galleries, artists’ studios, and ancient synagogues.


A city of holiness, interlacing histories, and complete splendor venture into the alleyways of Jerusalem’s Old City, walking the same paths as the ancients, passing by religious and cultural focal points of the three monotheistic religions. Experience the Western Wall in all its wonder and descend into the Western Wall Tunnels and gain insight into Jerusalem’s fascinating hidden treasures.


Summit Mount Masada and listen to the stories of the 960 Jewish patriots who struggled for freedom and resisted the Roman Empire’s siege over 2,000 years ago before visiting the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea. Relax and rejuvenate your body in the cobalt blue salt waters while taking in its breathtaking natural beauty.