Multifaceted Israel: Art, Politics, Culture


With charming cafes, trendy bars and restaurants, tree-lined walkways, and historic monuments, Rothschild Boulevard is one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic places. Take a tour of the UNESCO-heritage Bauhaus architecture dotted around the area before visiting art galleries and the interactive Palmach Museum to learn about compelling stories of the elite army unit.


Explore the archaeological excavations of Caesarea, the port city built by Herod the Great between 22 and 15 BCE, before heading over to the port city of Akko, where Jews, Arabs, and Christians live harmoniously. A melting pot of cultures, set alongside a beautiful harbor and world-class restaurants, walk through the vibrant markets as aromas of street food waft through the air before tasting the exquisite flavors of authentic local cuisine in a cooking workshop.


Take in the sweeping views of the Sea of Galilee from the Golan and Syrian border from Mt. Bental as you tour Israel’s Northern border on all-terrain vehicles. Dive into the fascinating Druze culture while visiting an authentic village before stopping for a leisurely lunch and private wine tasting at one of the Golan Height’s most acclaimed vineyards.


Visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust. Learn about the atrocities committed by the Nazis and take part in important conversations for future generations to educate and uphold the notion of ‘never again.’ Head over to the famous Machine Yehuda market, Jerusalem’s robust culinary environment, and embark on a tasting tour, sampling the finest flavors originating from the Middle East.


Head south to Masada, hike the snake path to the summit before listening to stories of resistance and tragedy during the Great Jewish Revolt. Descend 430 meters below sea level and nourish your mind, body and soul at the lowest land elevation on Earth, the Dead Sea. Lather your skin in the healing Dead Sea minerals and mud and enjoy a light lunch on the shores of this stunning natural wonder.