Elite Leadership

A Parabellum & Israel Seminar Joint Venture

The Elite Leadership Workshop is a unique one-day experience for professionals looking to stimulate their inner-strengths and develop new skills to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Leveraging intelligence training methodologies designed to maximize your potential, the Elite Leadership Workshop will take you out of your comfort zone, stretch your limits, and motivate you to think outside the box.

Learn to Thrive

Motivate and inspire others to share a common vision

Motivate and inspire others
to share a common vision

Decision Making

Learn how to act with intention and a sense of urgency to improve your decision making skills under high pressure situations.

Observation Skills

Practice analyzing your environment and become aware of your surroundings in order to anticipate changes before they occur.

Critical Thinking

Understand your boundaries and channel them into a creative thought leadership engine to overcome constraints, drive innovative thinking and lead change.

The Art of Debriefing

Challenge yourself to break down the strengths and weaknesses of your team to help drive performance and foster a collaborative working environment.

Sharpen your
leadership skills.

In one day, you’ll be brought into the world of espionage through a series of sessions and challenges:

Play to Win: A 360 outdoor development experience for an unforgettable adrenaline rush

Parabellum offers tailor-made, authentic training programs to equip elite individuals with the skills and intuition they require to function professionally at the highest level. Founded by members of Israel’s intelligence communities and elite special forces, the Parabellum experience is based on first-hand knowledge of espionage, risk analysis, and negotiation tactics to help participants build up their resilience and leadership skills.

Israel Seminar is high-touch content and ground operation for private individuals, corporate clients, and government officials looking for a sophisticated production of events and visits to israel. Leveraging its deep relationships with Israel’s political, economical, defense and innovation leadership enables Israel Seminar to curate unique and exclusive experiences for its discerning clients, pushing the envelope of creative content to new frontiers. Its new joint venture with Parabellum brings one of Israel’s greatest experiences to your corporate home, anywhere on the globe

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